About me

Volunteer at Viljandi Avatud Noortetuba

Who am I?

Who am I ?

My name is Clara, I am 25 years and I am volunteer in the Youth  Center (VANT) and I am already here since half year. I will still work here 4 months.

Where am I from?

I’m from France but I also speak German because it is my mother tongue.

Why I decided to come to Estonia as volunteer?

After to have finished my civic service of one year in Mexico, I decided to work as volunteer in Estonia to gain experiences, discover a new culture, to learn a new language and to share cultural knowledges. This is a very big challenge to me to be here in this country because I don’t know so much and I don’t understand the language but this is also an opportunity to improve my English. People who know me well, know that I love going on an adventure.

My aim at the end is to work as coordinator or leader of international solidarity projects and in environment. So I think that this experience will help me to reach my goals.

I really hope to learn a lot about the Estonian culture, the work at the Youth Center and bring some new ideas.

What are my hobbies?

I am very passionate by Latin dances (salsa, bachata) and solidarity travel that I like to share with other people.


Profesionnal Diploma in Tourism and Solidarity Economy, September 2019

  • Events Organization
  • Travel festival
  • Christmas market
  • Radio Campus Avignon (radio show)
  • Member of the Actors of the Culture, of  Tourism and Solidarity Economy association
  • Project management
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Management and development of tourist establishments

Higher National Diploma Tourism, May 2018

  • Customer relationship management
  • Tourism and Territory
  • Conception of a tourist service
  • Marketing
  • Organisational and legal framework for tourism activities
  • Occasional missions of reception
  • General culture

Work experience

Support of Maya Heritage in the State of Yucatan (Mexico) – October 2019 – October 2020

  • Agroforestery
  • Promotion of sustainable tourism
  • Handcraft
  • Permaculture
  • Agriculture

Community Tourism Project Officer, Peruvian Amazon – March 2019 – August 2019

  • Promotion of traditional craft work
  • Establishment of tourist accompaniments by inhabitants
  • Promotion and communication

What did I get from my previous experiences?

From a personal point of view, during my internship in the Peruvian Amazon I had the chance to discover a very different culture and to exchange with many local tourism professionals. This gave me an opportunity to learn more about ecotourism and to get to know organizations responsible for preserving the environment.

With the work done by AKUU (French association), I understood the economical difficulties that isolated communities in the Amazon could encounter, with few jobs, low-paying, often insufficient to live properly, and often several works to have an adequate income. During these four months in the heart of the Amazon, I was able to observe the operation of projects in a village community. I gained skills and more confidence in myself. But above all I get a rich experience from having lived in a context where the culture is absolutely different from Europe. In addition to enriching my knowledge and experiences, this internship allowed me to understand social and environmental problems and to work on concrete actions.

Thanks to the Service Civique (French National Volunteer Service) I did in Mexico, I would like to work as a leader or coordinator of projects in sustainable development and agrotourism. I am passionate about agroecology and thanks to this mission, I was able to discover and learn more about it. Through exchanges and collaboration with the Mayan beneficiaries of the plot, I learned about traditional agricultural practices.

What I really appreciate when we go on a mission to the other side of the world is the moments of sharing, exchange and mutual assistance between local populations. We learn so much about the culture and their life conditions.

Summary in few words

  • Team work
  • Be independent
  • Be more flexible because everything is not going as planned
  • Lead projects and take initiatives
  • We don’t need a lot of things/facilities to be happy
  • Thanks to these experiences, my weaknesses have become strengths
  • Awareness of inequality in the world
  • Be more positive and keep the smile 🙂

Environment/Nature : I am a lover of nature, so I attach a lot of importance about the environment because it helps us to live. I would like to mention the sustainable development which has a very important impact in the world, for the planet. For me, we have to respect as well the human as the nature. It is in their own environment that communities find their resources, have their living environment and develop their culture. That’s means we need to protect it otherwise our life will be different. Moreover, if we do not preserve our environment then we distroy the nature and his ecosystem.

Adventure: For me to go on an adventure, you need to be courageous and to have confidence in yourself. It’s something which is no commun. When you have done this, I think you can face many situations. I like doing things I did’nt think I could to them at first.

Cooperation: Throw cooperation you create contact, share a lot of things and you can improve yourself.

Equality: Equality because every person or community has the right to the same means of existence, recognition and development.

Solidarity: Solidarity because I think it is necessary to share and exchange with the poorest.

Creativity: Being creative also means being active, developing your manual skills and things by yourself. So I think it is good to be able to work with her head but also with the hands. I can’t stay by a long time on the computer.

Honesty: I prefer that someone tell me the true than to lie. I do not tolerate false people. It is better to remain simple and true.

Humor/Joy: We have only one life, so I considere we should to enjoy it.

Optimism: “Smile to the world and the world will smile on you.”

I don’t like so much people who grumble, complain every time and for nothing. We have a lot of facilities and we live in comfortable conditions. Moreover, it’s not pleasant to be in relation with this type of person. So, I try often to see the positive and to keep the smile.

Perseverance: I think it is by persevering that we overcome certain situations and things that we want to achieve. „Perseverance is what makes the impossible possible, the possible probable and the probable certain.“

Teamwork: “Alone we go faster, together we go further.”

Travel: This is my main value, it’s a part of my life. To me, when you travel you discover and live a lot of things that you can’t experiment when you read a book. Futhermore, travelling allows you to open up to the world, be curious, understand each other’s culture and grow. Travel has made me change so much personally and humanly, it’s incredible and I am happy because I had a lot of things to change. My weaknesses have become strengths now.

Well-being: It’s necessary to be happy and to enjoy the life. I believe that without this value you can’t be productive and have a good mood.